Customer’s Always Right, Right?

Yesterday I called Fantastic Sams

Guy: Hello, Waipio Fantastic Sams?
Me: Hi, is this the one by Costco?
Guy: Yes it is.
Me: Ok. How much is it for a haircut?
Guy: Mens’ or Womens’?
Me: Women
Guy: Uhm, $17.95
Me: Do you guys charge for straightening?
Guy: Like flat iron?
Me: Yes
Guy: What length is the hair?
Me: Medium a little past my shoulders.
Guy: It’s an additional $5, hold on.
-asks the rest of the cutters-
Guy: Ya it’s $17.95 with an additional $5.
Me: Oh awesome, do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk in?
Guy: You can just walk in.
Me: Alright I’ll be coming in today. Thank You.

So I went in after work, an hour and a half later I’m done and my total came out to $52.93. At first I didn’t think anything of it, I was tired and just wanted to leave so I paid the total. After I thought about it i realized I basically paid 2x the total the guy on the phone told me. So I called back the store…

Lady: Hello, Waipio Fantastic Sams?
Me: Hi, how much is it for a haircut?
Lady: For womens’ it’s $17.95
Me: Is the price different when it’s a razor cut?
Lady: No, it shouldn’t be.
Me: Do you charge for blowdry or flat iron?
Lady: What’s the length of your hair?
Me: It’s a little past my shoulders.
Lady: It’s a little different we would have to see the hair first but usually around $25.
Me: Oh really? Because I called the store earlier today and the guy on the phone told me that it was $5 and he even asked everyone else in the shop and they all said $5 and I’m wondering why my total came out to $52 if he told me $5.
Lady: What’s your name? I’m gonna check the computer.
Me: Ariel. A-R-I-E-L
-few moments later-
Lady: Who did your hair?
Me: IDK an older really skinny filipino lady.
Lady: Oh Loc?
Me: oh ya that’s her name.
Lady: Hold on, let me talk to her.
-2 minutes later-
Lady: Loc said she told you the price of your haircut and that it’d cost extra for the flat iron.
Me: UHM NO! She didn’t tell me ANYTHING about a price. She only told me the procedure of what she was gonna do.
Lady: Let me put Loc on the phone.
Loc: Hello, Ariel?
Me: Yes?
Loc: Usually the flat iron costs $25 for a long layer.
[oh NOW you fckin tell me]
Me: That’s not my point. My point is, the guy I talked to on the phone told me that the flat iron was $5 NOT $25.
Loc: Oh it was a misunderstanding
Me: Whatever.

I’m sorry but I honestly DEMAND my money back and I pay for the price I was told. The customer is always right. I’ve told several people and my managers about the situation that happened and they all said that I should get my money back and if they refuse, contact corporate… If I have to, I will. I REFUSE to pay DOUBLE what the guy on the phone told me. If I knew that a flat iron was gonna be $25, I wouldn’t have let “Loc” flat ironed my hair. I would’ve brought my own iron and done it myself at the boyfriend’s house. If I knew these were gonna be the prices I would’ve stay with Supercuts. This is ridiculous.

Posted: Thu September 15th, 2011 at 7:24pm
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